Our filter bags are produced to meet your specific needs. What type of filter bag is most suitable for you depends on purpose and requirements in regards to emission.

The filter bag is an essential part of the total ventilation solution. The purpose of the filter bag is to keep particles away from the production area as well as ensure that no harmful particles are being led out into the nature. For the filter bag to work correctly it is important it has the right qualities, right size and is made of the right material. Parameters such as temperature, moist, type of dust, and legal requirements influences on what type of filter is the most suitable for you and your company.

At DFV filter we have a broad selection of quality filter bags and we can guide you in choosing the right solution. This ensures you have a ventilation solution that works perfectly and solution that fulfill any legal requirements.

Our filter bags:

  • are produced in different types and of different material
  • can be produced after specific measurements
  • can be delivered quickly
  • have a high performance


No matter if the filter bags are standard or custom made we are able to produce our own filter bags. This means we can offer a flexible and fast delivery. We always keep the most used filter bags in stock and for these we can offer day-to-day delivery. We also offer to surface treat the material the filter bags are made of, so we can ensure specific qualities of the filter bag.

Our expertise and many years of experience is your guarantee for a perfect solution. If you have any questions are experts are ready to answer them. Contact us today!