The usage of the pocket filter

Pocket filters are used in air-conditioning and ventilation systems from offices to heavy industry. They are used everywhere where there are high demands on efficiency and dust holding capacity at low pressure loss. The pocket filter is the standard filter for HVAC facilities and a pre-filter for higher filter classes such as HEPA filter. The pocket filter can be delivered with anti static filter media and bio static treatment.

The construction of the pocket filter

Our Pocket filters are produced from synthetic layered material of highest quality. The individual pockets are self-supporting and they are connected to the rib-like structure fixed into the stable metal frame. We have pocket filters in filter classes from G3 to F9, and we will of course assist you in choosing the best solution for your company.

All of our pocket filters fits our filter cabinets. We can also deliver pocket filters withspecial requirements in regards to e.g. measurements. DFV is your specialist in pocket filters.