Filter pads/rolls

Filter pads are primary being used for air cooling of electronics or when supply of air from room to room is needed

Filter pads as prefiltration

We can deliver filter pads in specific cut-to-size pads in many different types and classes. Filter pads can be used in many different processes, both as a pre-filter but also as primary filter.

We offer the filter media either as a roll or as cut-to-size pads exactly after your measurements.

To avoid wastage and to ensure the measurements are precise, it can be an advantage to let us cut the filters.

Other benefits of DFV filter pads/rolls:

  • We have a wide range of filters
  • We can deliver your products fast
  • We can deliver cut-to-size pads specifically made to suit your needs

We are your expert in filter pads and we have great experience in supplying both large and smaller companies in many different industries.

Sizes and classes

Thickness: 4 – 50 mm
Width:  500-2000 mm
Filter classes: G2- M6

No matter the requirements, we are ready to guide your company in choosing the best solution