Support Cages

Support cages are used to insert in the filter bag. This will keep the filter bag open and will prevent any damages on the filter bag. We will assist you in making the perfect match between support cages and filter bags.

The support cage is the bearing construction of the filter bag

The support cage works as the bearing construction of the filter bag by keeping the filter bag open. We produce support cages in different materials depending on the usage, and the support cage can also be surface treated when needed.

Construction of the support cage

The filter bag’s ability to work perfectly depends on the width between vertical treads and their diameter. To obtain maximum filtration the support cage needs to be able to give a little.

The bottom of the support cage is made so it easily can be removed without damaging the filter bag.

Support cages suited for your needs.

Our many years of experience in delivering customer specific solutions gives us the best basis for giving you the most suitable solution. Our solutions are always based on your specific situation, needs and requirements.

DFV support cages:

·         Are made specifically for your company’s unique needs

·         Have great flexibility in terms of construction, size and material

·         Are easy to install.

We have great experience in delivering complete solutions that includes support cages, and we are more than happy to assist you with your case.